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Fun facts: Serialized in in All-Story Weekly. She persuades one of the scientists to modify some Robots, so that their souls might be allowed to develop. Fun fact: R. Their ancestors were right to invent a more equitable social order, the female revolutionist I tells D During the Revolution, Moreau emerges from hiding and goes into politics… he has become an idealist!

However, he must fight a duel to the death with an old adversary. Fun fact: Scaramouche was worldwide bestseller for Sabatini, rivaled only by his other adventures, including The Sea Hawk and Captain Blood Published between the third and fourth of his tremendous Richard Hannay novels, Huntingtower was a departure for John Buchan.

However, the two join forces when they discover that an exiled Russian noblewoman has been imprisoned by Bolshevik agents. He is arrested, convicted of treason, and sold into slavery on a sugar plantation in the Caribbean. Fun facts: The novel, which first took the form of stories published in —, was very popular; Sabatini was inspired, in part, by the real-life adventures of Henry Pitman. Dorothy L.

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Wimsey cracks the case — which involves an eminent member of London society who is secretly a lunatic with delusions of grandeur. Wimsey — the character was influenced by the high-spirited, literature-quoting protagonist of E. Not one of my very favorite Wimsey novels, perhaps, but every one of them is fun. Fun facts: Sayers was one of the first women to get a degree from Oxford University.

In the fourth and final Psmith story, the monocle-sporting, adventure-seeking titular character has fallen on hard times; he has just quit a job working in the fish business. His school chum Mike Jackson, married to Phyllis who incurred the wrath of her mother, Lady Constance, by eloping with Mike , is also barely scraping by as a school teacher. Fun facts: Psmith first appears in Mike ; in , confusingly, the second part of this book was republished as Mike and Psmith , then in Psmith in the City and Psmith, Journalist This story was first serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in One of the relief infantrymen vanishes, and the fort seems haunted!

Ronald Colman starred in the silent film version; William A. In this, his fourth outing, Hannay — now living in rural wedded bliss, is called upon to investigate the kidnapping of three young persons.

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Hannay must infiltrate a diabolical criminal gang, whose leader, Medina, is a master hypnotist seeking to control the disordered minds left over from the war. But now with the general loosening of screws they are growing shaky and the two worlds are getting mixed. It is like two separate tanks of fluid, where the containing wall has worn into holes, and one is percolating into the other.

The result is confusion, and, if the fluids are of a certain character, explosions. Sandy and Mary also go undercover, unbeknownst to Hannay. In the end, there is an exciting hunted-man episode, as Medina stalks Hannay across the craggy Scottish highlands.

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The author was best known, at the time, for his semi-comical thriller Seven Keys to Baldpate ; it was adapted into a hit Broadway play and several films. In , Biggers read about the exploits of Chang Apana, a shrewd, tenacious Chinese-Hawaiian detective in the Honolulu Police Department; he inserted a similar character into the thriller he was writing at the time. Along the way, he encounters adepts from two mystical orders — a White Lodge devoted to good, and a Black Lodge devoted to evil. An adventure of the soul, the story involves both a grueling journey through the Himalayas and a quest for ancient spiritual wisdom.

There are also a number of Jimgrim short stories. Dispatched to Lucerne, Ashenden, who does not use a weapon, must resort to bribery, blackmail, and sometimes luck in order to succeed in various counter-intelligence operations. The Austro-Hungarian forces break through the Italian lines in the Battle of Caporetto, and the Italians retreat; this section — in which Frederic kills one of his own men — is sometimes described as one of the great fictional depictions of warfare.

Happy ending? Fun facts: Hemingway drew on his own experiences serving in the Italian campaigns during WWI; he was not, however, involved in the battles described. The book — which was adapted as a film starring Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes; the remake with Rock Hudson was not well-received — was his first best-seller. What fun! Jonsen tries unsuccessfully to unload the children at their home base of Santa Lucia; later, he delivers the children to a passing British steamer — which leads to his capture and trial.

Does she even know what the truth is? Fun fact: Grittily realistic, morally ambiguous, the book is considered by aficionados to be the standard by which all subsequent American mysteries must be judged. And, of course, the film adaptation by John Huston is a masterpiece.


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Because he glories in proving his superiority to everyone around him, tough-guy Harrison Destry has few friends and many enemies in his hometown of Wham, Texas. Six years later, Destry returns — intent on demonstrating that the men who set him up and falsely convicted him are no good. One by one, he gets his revenge.

Along the way, he comes to the realization that his scornful, superior attitude was wrong-headed, and that he must change his own ways. But he has one formidable opponent left to battle: his best friend.

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The movie of the same title, starring Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart, features an entirely different plot. It takes time — Bickleigh influences Julia to take ever larger doses of painkillers. However, we also begin to see that Bickleigh is a self-centered sociopath, a serial philanderer. When the woman Bickleigh loves announces her engagement to another man, we wonder: What next?

He is considered a key figure in the development of crime fiction. Adana is the last of a race of superintelligent serpent people whose servants, the Old Race, are immortal. Although possessed of fragments of their superior science, they are now obsessed only with sex, hunting mutants with dinosaurs, and dream machines. Fun fact: Merritt was once considered the greatest living science fiction and fantasy writer; he even had a magazine — A. His first mission is to investigate a crime ring — led by Jill Trelawney, a beautiful young woman who has sworn revenge on Scotland Yard — which helps its members evade police dragnets and ambushes.

Adapted, in , as a film starring George Sanders. They pursue drug traffickers across the Middle East and India. The League of the Last Days — an international band of 1, brilliant scientists, action heroes, and fertile women I exaggerate, but not much — hatch a desperate plan, and set about designing, constructing, and outfitting rocket-arks. It was drawn out egg-shaped.

The cracks girdled the globe. A great section of the Earth itself lifted up and peeled away…. Sequel: After Worlds Collide Onboard a train from Ostend, Belgium to Istanbul: an accidental collective of lost souls.

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Myatt, who faces anti-Semitism both on and off the train, travels back to Subotica to rescue Coral, when she disappears. The devil looks after his own and I succeeded in both aims. Caillet wanders around France, on a murder and terror spree, seeking to tame the raging beast within with whom he cannot communicate. Fun fact: A 1 New York Times bestseller upon publication. Mallinson falls in love with a young Manchu woman, Lo-Tsen, whom he wants to take with him when he escapes; Conway, meanwhile, gets to know the High Lama, from whom he learns the amazing secret of Shangri-La.

When Mallinson organizes an escape plan, will Conway go with him? Or will he remain in the valley, and take over as High Lama? Fun facts: The novel was a huge popular success, at the time. Crane exploited the possibilities of a full newspaper page to their fullest: As R.

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When Easy leads a cavalry charge or paddles a canoe down a lazy river, the panel is as wide as the page, giving panoramic sweep to the scene depicted. Crane quit the Sunday strip, and in quit Captain Easy altogether. Superman co-creator Joe Shuster cited Crane as an influence. When Frank Chambers, a small-time con man looking to go straight, winds up stranded outside of Los Angeles, he accepts a job pumping gas and washing dishes at a roadside filling station and tavern.

Alone, neither of them would have contemplated murdering Nick; together, though, they become a murderous duo. She looked like the great grandmother of every whore in the world. Will they live happily ever after? The novel was banned in Boston. Terry Lee, a bright-eyed teenager, and his mentor, the handsome but hot-tempered writer and adventurer Pat Ryan, arrive in China in search of a lost gold mine. Connie, a buck-toothed, pidgin English-spouting comical character, becomes their interpreter and guide as they tangle with pirates, warlords, and other villains such as Papa Pyzon, Captain Judas, Klang, and the cold-hearted but beautiful Dragon Lady.

Pacing his plots like the adventure serials which ran in movie theaters, and conducting meticulous research into Chinese current events, Caniff gave us one of the greatest adventure strips of all time. In , when a dispute between Japanese and Chinese troops escalated into the battle that marked the beginning of World War II, Caniff turned the Dragon Lady into a freedom fighter; once the United States joined the war, Ryan joined the Navy.